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Vault Boy approves!

Welcome to Potofantom's Webs.com page! On this site, you will have access to all of the information regarding my AdventureCraft projects :)
I suggest you first head over to the AC Projects page! Here you will find the forum links for my maps, and maps made by other users which I suggest you take a look at!

Afterwards you can check out the rest of the pages, which contain the following:
~Photos - Photos for each project.
~Videos - Streaming videos of the creation process for each project.
~Forums - Where you can give me feedback about my projects.
~Blogs - Individual Blogs for each separate project
~Member Page - Sign up as a member! :)

Oh... Hello.

I say good day to you, my dear Minecraft/Adventurecraftians.
I am an avid Videogame player, and am trying my hand at creating Adventurecraft maps.
My hobbies include, but are not limited to:
  • Flying.
  • Utilizing both my telekenetic and telepathic capabilities.
  • Stabilizing economies for fourth-world countries.
  • Growing and taming Ostriches
  • Building Teleportation devices.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities involving large-scale mass-productions of spacial exploration units.
  • Eating cake.
  • Teaching ballroom dance classes to underprivileged horse Jockeys.
  • Simultaneously coming and going.