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Potofantom's Projects

At current time, all uploaded maps are VERY OLD VERSIONS.

I will be uploading their updated versions as soon as I deem them to be ready to play, so please, be patient!

I apologize for this inconvenience!

Bioshock: New Rapture

Golden Sun: Amendments

Chronicles of Lealt


Future Potofantom Project Titles

Rapture Continued (A continuation of Ein's Server Map - found here) 

Fallout: Rebirth (A take off of the popular Fallout Series)

Judgment Day (A doomsday type of game; survive the apocalypse!)

Bunker 317 (New Crawford) (Don't let the name fool you into thinking it's another Fallout game. 'Cause it's not.)

Other (Recommended) Projects


The Legend of Zelda:
The Shadow Gate

Dead Craft

Old Hatreds
©Gustavo Entertainment Team
(A Regular Minecraft Map)